Burger King Introduces Spam Burgers For The Women Of Japan

Burger King Introduces Spam Burgers For The Women of Japan

If there is one thing women love it's ... Spam?

Well at least Burger King hopes they do. The self-proclaimed royals of the fast food industry will launch mini Spam sliders on June 20 to the lucky women in Japan.

"What women want, what women get" is the slogan for the mini bites of canned ham, prompting the question -- just how many women have been demanding Spam?

While Spam is often joked about in the US, according to the Daily Mail, it's "surprisingly popular" in Japan.

The sliders aren't Burger King's first dalliance with the canned meat. In 2007, Hawaii stores debuted the Spam Platter -- two slices of the meat between white rice and scrambled eggs.

Residents of Hawaii, like the Japanese are fans of the iconic food, where according to MSNBC there are more varieties sold than anywhere else in the world, with residents consuming more than 5 million pounds of it each year.

Burger King Japan seems to pride themselves on offering items you can't get anywhere else. In April they released the "Meat Monster," a modified Whopper with two beef patties, bacon and a grilled chicken breast, that clocked in with 1160 calories and 24 grams of fat.

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