Burger King Japan Offers 5-Patty Whopper To Celebrate 5th Anniversary

Burger King Japan, home of the former add-15-strips-of-bacon-to-your-burger promotion has launched yet another gluttonous limited-time offer: the five-patty Whopper. The promotion, which ends Monday, celebrates the fifth anniversary of Burger King in Japan (does this mean that the 10th anniversary will offer 10 patties?).

As Burger Business points out, this is actually not the biggest amount of patties that Burger King Japan has put on a single Whopper. The seven-patty Whopper debuted in 2009 as an homage to the Windows 7 launch. Because when you think Windows 7, you think fast food burgers, clearly.

Back in 2000, Japan was declared the world's healthiest country by the World Health Organization. As of 2008, the country is nowhere to be found on this list. Perhaps coincidentally, 2008 is just one year after Burger King came to Japan.