Burger King Lamb Flatbread Burgers Debut In UK Stores For Limited Time

The possibilities for an Easter lamb dinner in the UK are about to get quite a bit... faster. And more royal.

That's because Burger King recently unveiled an entirely new kind of burger coming for a limited time to UK stores: a lamb flatbread burger. The chain says that the burger is now available at stores across the country.

The burgers are served on a rosemary flatbread, rather than a bun, and are topped with "spices, crisp salad, chilli ketchup and mint yoghurt sauce." Exotic!

The ads for the Burger King Lamb Flatbread Burger prominently feature the words "1st Time Ever," a nod to the idea that this is the first time a major fast food chain has marketed a burger made of lamb. In one sense, the timing makes sense: Lamb burgers have been a staple on upscale urban lunch menus for several years now. On the other hand, the price of lamb has risen even more precipitously than the price of beef in the past couple years, so it seems unlikely that lamb burgers will make a major impact at most fast food chains around the world for some time.