Burger King's New Menu Reviewed

By Erik Trinidad

It took the royal touch (and a lot of money) of the self-proclaimed king of burgers to commandeer celebrities to endorse a new food product line. If you’ve seen Jay Leno, Mary J. Blige, Salma Hayek, Steven Tyler, Sofia Vergara, or even international heartthrob David Beckham use their fame-fueled influence in a new ad campaign for Burger King, you know something at BK is aiming to be more buzzworthy than the mere addition of mushrooms on a Whopper. For the first time in its 58-year history, BK has expanded its offerings broader than ever before, with 10 new items that strive to better diversify their menu -- akin to burger competitor McDonald's. However, burgers are not the focus of the new items; in our health-conscious world, the king of burgers has instead focused on chicken, salads and frosty beverages.

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