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Burger King St. Patrick's Day Celebration To Entail Free Fries, Green Ketchup

Apparently, St. Patrick's Day is now about more than drunken parades and green sweaters. It's also an occasion for free food. Burger King is offering free value-sized french fries and green ketchup on March 17 and 18.

"Free fries for St. Patrick’s Day weekend is the Burger King way of sharing the luck of the Irish with all of our guests,” Alex Macedo, senior vice president of Burger King's North America marketing, said in a press release.

Green ketchup might seem like a fun condiment on St. Patrick's Day but it had little success when it was sold in supermarkets about a decade ago. Once the initial novelty wore off, people stuck to the color they knew and loved: red. But if you can get past the unusual color, the fries (new recipe!) could definitely be worth sampling. When HuffPost Food reviewed them in December, we found them to offer a "lovely potato taste." Well, except for the person that thought they were "meh."


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