This Burger King Will Turn Your Unwanted Xmas Gift Into A Whopper

And that's just one way to charitably regift presents this season.

Not everything you get this Christmas will have taste, and that’s where Burger King comes in. 

The fast food outlet in Miami Beach is inviting customers to exchange their unwanted holiday gifts for a Whopper sandwich on Dec. 26.

The delicious swap aims not only to satisfy bellies but also to support the nonprofit Miami Children’s Initiative, which serves the children of the troubled Liberty City neighborhood.

The Miami area restaurant is unfortunately the only location in the U.S. that’s carrying out the Whopper exchange. But that doesn’t mean people who don’t live in South Florida can’t help out while they declutter: There are many other ways to donate unwanted gifts.

Foster programs around the country are always in need of toys and school supplies for children. Find a foster care agency near you here.

Schools likewise need learning tools, including computers and other electronics.

Video games can be donated to hospitals. Learn about one organization’s efforts here.

Donations can also be made to your nearest Goodwill center or Salvation Army drop-off location. You may even be able to schedule a free pickup if your donation is large enough. Many donations are tax-deductible, too.

Burger King is swapping Whoppers for Christmas gifts in the Miami area on Dec. 26.
Burger King is swapping Whoppers for Christmas gifts in the Miami area on Dec. 26.

As for those who want to participate in the Miami area Whopper swap, people are asked to bring their unused and unwrapped gifts to the Burger King location along Arthur Godfrey Road between 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the day after Christmas.

“The acceptability of [the] item will be determined by Burger King Restaurant personnel in their sole discretion,” a company spokesperson told the Miami New Times.

The Whopper Exchange will also take place at select Burger Kings restaurants in London and Brazil.