Pairing Wine With Burger King

Burger King Wine Pairings
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It's time for Round Four of our probing investigative series on Fast Food and Wine Pairings! I'm actually beginning to understand more about these pairings. Well, more about fast food to be specific, and how they in turn affect the wines. Our lineup this time around focused only on different styles of both red and white wines served up with a broad range of your favorite Burger King dishes.

As I've mentioned before, this series is about having some fun. Fun on my part for undertaking a project that seems at odds with so many self-proclaimed wine experts' sensibilities, and fun for those of you out there who might want to pair a glass of wine with your Burger King, no matter what the reason. I say, let's do it and if we're gonna do it, let's do it well. So onto the grand event!

The Red Wines

Burger King Wine Pairings

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