Burger Week In LA: Ten Burgers That Don't Focus Only On Beef

If you're a carnivorous, burger-loving Angeleno, chances are you've already debated with your friends about where to go for the best beef burger in town. Names like Father's Office, Rustic Canyon or Umami have inevitably crossed your lips at least once, and you may even be salivating right now as your eyes read these words.

This being National Hamburger Week, it might be time to broaden your horizons. So rather than bringing you a "10 Best Burgers" list with the same names you've already heard of, we are observing Hamburger Week by giving a nod to some L.A. eateries with delicious alternatives to the classic hamburger. After all, this is Los Angeles--a city full of health-conscious vegans and vegetarians, adventurous foodies, and burger connoisseurs alike, all of whom flock to local restaurants in hopes of more than just beef between their buns. We've rounded up a list of places you can go to try everything from veggie and turkey burgers to wild boar and, yes, even a California Roll burger. It is LA after all. Who says you can't celebrate Hamburger Week a little differently this year?