Realistic Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set: Bun, Patty, Cheese, Tomato And Lettuce

Wrap Your Holiday Gift In A Perfectly Grilled Cheeseburger

Are you gifting to a burger-lover this holiday season? Well then, consider taking your gift to the next level with cheeseburger wrapping paper.

Rather than wrapping your gift in the same old red and green Santa paper, or silver and white snowflake paper, you can now wrap it in a hamburger patty or sesame-seed bun. If your gift has multiple components, you can even put together the whole burger.

The wrapping paper is the first project from Gift Couture, a start-up gift-wrapping paper company, which features original (and realistic!) photography and design. The company hopes to continue producing papers that coordinate together into a conceptual theme.

You can purchase the complete set (the entire cheeseburger which includes two paper rolls of the bun, one patty, one cheese, one tomato and one lettuce, all 27" x 40") on Kickstarter for $20, or just one roll of your choice for $5. Is it going to be the patty or the cheese?

For the launch, Gift Couture has put together a quirky video of their cheeseburger wrapping paper in action.


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