Never Settle For A Subpar Burger Again, Thanks To The Burgerator App

Burger connoisseurs, prepare to rejoice.
BLT cheese burger with habanero sauteed onions and blue cheese
BLT cheese burger with habanero sauteed onions and blue cheese

Burger connoisseurs, prepare to rejoice. Remember all those times you craved the perfect meat, cheese and bun pairing? One that dripped with smoky juices, punctuated by fluffy bun bliss and notes of sharp, melted cheddar? You know all the times you craved the perfect burger but ended up in -- gasp! -- McDonald's?

Never again. Not with the Burgerator app.

What Doughbot did for donuts, Burgerator does for burgers... and then some. Not only does Burgerator guide you to the nearest burger at any hour of the day, it provides a rating of said burgers to inform you, using a 10-point scale, how they stack up.

Need visuals? The app's "burger feed" acts like an Instagram for burgers: scroll down the list of photos to see what people near you are eating, and choose a burger destination based on up-close-and-personal photos of every last drool-worthy detail.

Burgerator is pretty much a guarantee you'll never settle for a less-than-fabulous burger ever again.

And the app will only get better with time. Burgerator's founders are also founders of a New York City burger club, which has met bimonthly for FIVE YEARS to sample burgers and rate them in 13 categories, from price to messiness. They're on a (very mathematical) mission to find the world's best burger, and the Burgerator app is their way of reaching out to the burger-loving community for help.

Users contribute to Burgerator's ranking system by snapping a photo of their burgers in the app. They then rate its taste, toppings and bun, and assess the cheese, done-ness and bun-to-patty ratio (of utmost importance, eh?).

Their ratings are added into Burgerator's data set, driving us all one step closer to finding the world's best burger. And THAT is what we'd consider a job (and a patty) well done.

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