Burglar Sends Apology And Money 22 Years After Theft

One of the culprits of a burglary at a British pub 22 years ago finished the job -- the job of making amends, that is.

A woman who admitted to involvement in the 1992 smash-and-grab money theft of a cigarette machine at Swettenham Arms in Cheshire, England, wrote a letter to owner Frances Cunningham, saying she was "very sorry," the BBC reported.

"I did not realise the seriousness of my actions at the time," she also wrote. "I had been through a lot and had no idea where to get help."

The unidentified thief, who noted that she was not the one who actually broke the machine, included a check for £100 (about $172). Cunningham told ITV that she had only the "vaguest of memories" of the incident.

According to the Mirror, Cunningham will donate the money to a church. "If everyone did something like this, the world would be a better place," she said of the letter.

Cunningham plans to meet the woman for coffee, ITV reported.

But the case might not be closed. According to the news outlet, Cheshire police may investigate.

The woman isn't the first to have pangs of guilt years after a crime. In September, a man returned the $400 he stole from a Nashville deli at gunpoint 11 years earlier; he also asked for forgiveness.



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