Burglar Chipmunk Wanted By Police In New Hampshire

The critter is accused of infiltrating the Pelham Police Department over the weekend.

A chipmunk is at large after it infiltrated a police station in Pelham, New Hampshire over the weekend.

The Pelham Police Department shared a video Sunday of the offender ― who appeared to be short, cute, with four small legs, a bushy tail and striped down its back ― scurrying between desks. Police joked that the creature had burglarized the station:

“Several of us tried to corral him. He wanted nothing to do with us,” Sgt. Brian Barbato told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The chipmunk continued to evade capture and was likely still occupying the building on Monday, Barbato said. If an animal control officer manages to detain the suspect with a squirrel-sized humane trap, officers will reportedly mull whether or not to press charges.

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