Suspected Burglar Decked Out In Silver, Spandex Suit Hunted By Michigan State Police

While the standard burglar uniform includes dark clothes and a ski mask, some criminals have a little more flair. But one still needs to camouflage oneself -- what's a fashion-forward thief to do?

For one man in Michigan the choice seemed to be clear: don a silver, spandex suit to carry out crimes in flashy style.

A home owner's surveillance video in Macomb County's Bruce Township shows what appears to be a white man in a spandex one-piece suit, who the Michigan State Police is calling a suspect in several break-ins. Check out another view of the silver-wearing thief:

silver suit

According to Michigan State Police D/Sgt. Robert Weimer, "he may be linked to other residential breaking and enterings and/or larceny from automobiles." Anyone with information is asked to contact Weimer at (248) 584-5754.

According to the Detroit Free Press, home invasions occurred in the townships of Bruce, Armada, Richmond and Ray in Macomb County, near Detroit.

To be fair, a silver suit is definitely a better choice than a birthday suit, which didn't occur to these law-breakers:

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