Why Trying To Burglarize The Home Of A Pro Ax Thrower Is A Bad Idea

Generally speaking, breaking and entering isn't something one should ever do.

That said, if you're dead set on burglarizing a house, you'd be well-advised to make sure it isn't currently owned and occupied by a professional ax thrower who goes to sleep with a tomahawk by her bed.

Robin Irvine, a pro ax thrower who lives in Hemet, Calif., taught two men that lesson the hard way early Saturday morning, when they sneaked in through her window while she was sleeping. She woke up when one of the men tried to take the watch off her wrist, and proceeded to scream, startling the men.

She then grabbed her trusty bedside tomahawk, and -- wearing only her underwear and a T-shirt -- chased both men out of her house. She says she could've easily paralyzed one of the men but chose not to, telling the Los Angeles Times it took everything she had not to throw her ax.

"I hit what I aim for," she explained to NBC Los Angeles. "I would've gotten him right in the spine or the back of his head."

Both men ran off while Irvine called the police. One suspect, 22-year-old Nicholas Ulloa, was found hiding in a bush, KABC-TV reports.

And while one man may have escaped, Irvine has a message for anyone else thinking of breaking in: "If you're in my house," she told CBS with a gigantic bowie knife in her hand, "you're not walking out."

WATCH another interview with Irvine, below:



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