Tutu-Wearing Burglar Joshua Mahlon Baker Caught With Pants Down -- Literally (VIDEO)

New York may be the naked city, but San Diego is the home of the naked burglary suspect.

Early Wednesday morning, San Diego police apprehended a suspect who was allegedly attempting to rob musical instruments and electronic equipment from a church -- wearing little more than a t-shirt and a purple tutu -- with nothing underneath.

A resident reported seeing a tall, suspicious-looking person dressed in what appeared to be an oversize T-shirt and a sparkly purple tutu loading a guitar amplifier into a truck outside Palisades Presbyterian Church, according to Fox San Diego.

Officers arrived to find the suspect, Joshua Mahlon Baker, 39, carrying a trash can filled with property allegedly stolen from the house of worship, SDPD Detective Gary Hassen told CBS 8.

Authorities say when the 6-foot-3-inch, 190-pound Baker saw the police on the scene, he dropped the trash can and ran off to the north between two buildings and climbed a 6-foot chain link fence, losing his clothes in the process.

After the cops caught Baker, the person who placed the initial call positively identified him and Baker was arrested and charged with burglary and obstructing an officer, according to NBC San Diego.

Baker is scheduled for arraignment on Friday and will presumably be more dressed for the occasion than he was at his arrest.