Burlesque Costumes Celebrate 'Curvier Women' Ignored By Mainstream, Says Sartorialist (VIDEO)

WATCH: How The Burlesque Scene Celebrates 'Curvier Women' Ignored By Mainstream

The style world certainly has a look, one that is generally long and lean and one that Scott Schuman has become famous for capturing. But the street style photographer, aka "The Sartorialist," has an appreciation for all types of women, not just the svelte fashionistas he often snaps for his blog.

"What I find interesting about the burlesque scene," Schuman muses in the latest episode of his AOL Originals series, "is how curvier women, who would not necessarily be celebrated for their beauty or their body type in mainstream society, are completely celebrated and put on a pedestal in that society."

Watch the video above to see Schuman explore the beauty and feminine empowerment of the glamorous burlesque industry.

While you're at it, check out some Fashion Week street style:

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