Burlesque Dancers Attempt To Break World Record In London (PHOTOS)

Dancers donned lacy corsets, slinky fishnets and stiletto heels before descending upon London's Trafalgar Square in an effort to break the record for the world's largest burlesque number.

The scantily-clad troupe, comprised of Virgin Holiday staff and other burlesque enthusiasts, took part in a saucy, five-minute routine on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery, MSNBC is reporting.

The event was an appropriate homecoming for the historical dance form, which has its roots in 19th century Britain, when the genre mocked established entertainment forms as opera, Shakespearean drama and ballet for working-class audiences. The current revival is fueled, at least in part, by stars such as Katy Perry, known to wear vintage lingerie in music videos, and Christina Aguilera, currently starring in the movie musical Burlesque.

See photos of London's mass burlesque number here:

Britain London Burlesque Dance