'Burn Notice': After The Ultimate Betrayal, Michael Chooses A Surprising Side (VIDEO)

On "Burn Notice," Michael's mind was twisted into knots when he discovered that his former enemy, Simon, was working for the CIA the whole time. It felt like enough of a betrayal that Michael actually decided to side with definite bad guys, James and Sonya.

“I thought all they stood for was right! Even after they burned me," Michael said. "I gave up everything! And I wasted my life for a lie.”

Buddy TV's Megan Cole admitted to being a little worried about this latest development. "Now that Michael has revealed himself to James, his friends and family could be put in serious danger," she wrote. "Will James target the people Michael loves or will Strong go after them because Michael has betrayed the CIA?”

Over at, though, Ryan Sandoval thinks this is a good move for the show. He writes, “A ‘confused’ Michael Westen is the most entertaining kind of Michael Westen there is, because it's thrilling to witness him get his head together and kick butt. Thinking on the fly with little resources is Westen’s bread and butter. Even though we know he'll come out on top, it’s commendable of 'Burn Notice' to call into question what ‘on top’ would even be at this point.”

How will things wind up for Michael and the gang? Keep watching the final season of "Burn Notice" to find out, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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