'Burn Notice' Cliffhanger: Fiona Gives Michael An Ultimatum (VIDEO)

On “Burn Notice,” Michael’s friends and family found out that he had turned on the CIA and was planning on joining James’ organization full time.

Fiona wanted to save Michael -- so she tracked him down and gave him an ultimatum.

“Is it too late for the Michael Westen I fell in love with? The man who knows what he’s doing is wrong?” Fi asked. “You do what you think is right. If this is what you want, the man I love is gone.”

The episode ended before we got an answer from Michael -- but Sonya was about to shoot Fi.

“Will Michael get Sonya to back off or will he be forced to kill her in order to save Fi? ... Was the 'twist' of Sonya trying to take out Fi a little too predictable? And just how will Michael and his friends deal with James and the CIA in next week's series finale?”

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