'Burn Notice' Series Finale: Who Lived? Who Died? (VIDEO)

After seven seasons and more than 100 episodes, Michael Westen's story finally got an ending on the series finale of "Burn Notice." But was it a happy ending for the spy who'd been burned? It was certainly a tense and explosive final confrontation between Michael and James, and not everybody came out of it alive.

The USA series saw Michael's mother make the ultimate sacrifice when she blew herself up -- along with James' men who'd been sent to kill her and little Charlie. She was buying Jesse a chance to get Charlie and get away. All this was going down while James faced off against Michael, Fiona and Sam. And so it was over the phone that Michael learned what his mother was planning, and what she was willing to sacrifice to protect him and her family.

“I love you, Michael," she told him. When the men broke into her house, her final words before detonating the C4 were, "This one’s for my boys.”

Speaking of explosives, the building where the final showdown took place was wired to explode. Michael and Fi thought it was a booby-trapped, but James had a detonator. Once he was shot and he knew his time was up, he decided to take the building down, with Michael and Fi still in it. Sam had just managed to escape.

In the end, Sam and Jesse got the charges against them dropped and were able to attend the funerals of Michael and Fiona. But they knew better. In a flashback sequence, they were proven right, too. Michael and Fi just managed to outrun the explosions, landing in the water.

A final scene showed that they'd established a new life somewhere snowy, with little Charlie. It was like a perfect little family. Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross thinks they went back to Ireland, where they first fell in love.

TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich noticed that Sam and Jesse's final scene had them talking about working together on another case. Is this a sign of a possible spin-off series? That worked out pretty well for "The Closer" and "Major Crimes" over on TNT!

EW spoke with series creator Matt Nix about the show's ending, and the message he was trying to convey. "When it comes down to it, if you have these relationships, they can be used against you, and in the face of that, is it worth caring for people? Is it worth loving people? Is it worth having a family? And I think the answer that the episode gives is definitively yes," Nix said.

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