Burning Man 2013 C.O.R.E. Projects Announced... And More Arts News

2013 Burning Man Installations Announced

burning man

The 24 chosen C.O.R.E. structures hail from nine countries including Netherlands, Czech Republic and Lithuania, with 16 of the wooden pieces coming from the US. The wooden sculptures, which cannot exceed 20 ft by 20 ft, are erected around the illustrious Burning Man himself, a giant wooden effigy who ignites during the final days of the event.

Vet burner Molly Steenson describes the experience on Burning Man's website:

This year's project lineup showcases hippies at their most ambitious, with projects completely self-funded and self-transported by creatives devoted to the Burning Man-ifesto. Projects include "Hand of Inspiration," a super-sized hamsa hand from Israel as well as a 16-foot meditating figure from Taiwan, aptly titled "Meditation."

Head over to VisualNews to see more renderings of the fantastical installations and proclaim your everlasting Burning love. We've compiled some of the promising projects below:

The Year the Playa Stood Still

Burning Man Projects Announced

While you're getting psychedelic, check out Patrick Roddie's photo series of burning man romance below:

Images of Love At Burning Man (NSFW)

More Arts News:

Tips For Forming An Anarcho-Chic Artist Collective: New York provocateurs Bernadette Corporation explain how to form a radical art group: "Don't have sex with each other," they warn. Easier said than done, we wager. (The Guardian)

Bernadette Corporation

San Fran Symphony Strikes Drag On: The Bay Area has seen a string of labor disputes between the San Francisco symphony musicians and management in the wake of the recession and slowing symphony attendance. "The recession has put real pressure on us," Oliver Theil, a management spokesman, told the Wall Street Journal. (Wall Street Journal)

Paul Giamatti As 'Hamlet'?!: Hollywood often casts actors in their 20s and 30s as teens, but Yale Repertory Theater ups the ante, casting "Sideways" actor Giamatti as the young Hamlet. Giamatti's acting chops make up for the fact that he's "45 but looking older." (Boston Globe)

Opera Siren Dies At 99: Rise Stevens, the famed mezzo soprano whose voice was described as "pure velvet," passed away of natural causes in her home. The singer achieved fame with her interpretation of "Carmen" at the Met and movie appearances alongside Bing Crosby. (LA Times)

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