Burning Man's Wackiest Project Is Mens Amplio, A 15-Foot-Tall Brain Controlled Brain (VIDEO)

Science nerds and zombies, rejoice. A team of imaginative artists and engineers is creating a 15-foot-tall brain controlled entirely by the brain waves of its participants.

This level of sci-fi fantasy could only come to life at one place. And that place, of course, is Burning Man.

The ambitious project is called The Mens Amplio, which is Latin for "expanding the mind." Designed by Don Cain and built by a huge team of Oakland, Calif.-based artists from diverse disciplines, the super-sized brain is composed of LED lights assembled like neuron branches. The work's outer surface is formed from steel tubes with custom-built mandrel benders for the squiggles:

burning man brain

The constantly shifting sculpture will sync up with a participant's brain through an EEG reader, translating their mental and emotional states into visual light patterns. The hypnotic light displays will mirror the image of brain scans, bringing the brain's beautiful complexity to new, 15-foot high heights.

According to Boing Boing, a calm mind will translate into an ambient pattern, while an active mental state will trigger shooting lights.

And if you can bring yourself to meditate, the giant brain will reward you with some fire visuals! (This is Burning Man, after all.)

Although the playa is the first site to witness The Mens Amplio in all its glory, it will not be the last. The team hopes to bring the brain to different schools at no cost to show children the rewards of dreaming big.

"Now more than ever, kids need to be shown the kinds of giant creative endeavors they can someday bring to life," the team writes on their IndieGogo page. "We can prime young minds for learning, and just maybe showing them the possibility of larger-than-life ideas will inspire them to bring to life their own unbelievable brainstorms."

Visit the Mens Amplio IndieGogo page to donate to the cause and learn more details in the video below:



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