Burning Man Closed For Two Days, The Playa Is Officially Rained Out

While California Dries Up, The Burning Man Desert Floods

The vindictive weather gods have seemingly chosen to smite the hippies presently headed for the Nevada desert. Yes, Burning Man has closed for two days due to heavy rain, stranding festival-goers in and around Black Rock City.

Prior to the storms, traffic was delaying the onslaught of artists, campers, techies, magic mushroom-enthusiasts and blossoming pyrotechnicians hoping to spend a few days off the grid. Now, the roads are all but "undriveable," reports Burning Man's Facebook page.

Some burners had already made their way inside the Burning Man gates, as today was supposed to be the start of the week-long event. Officials have advised those people to remain in their camps while standing water and mud continues to accumulate.

BM organizers expect the rain to die down and the playa sands to dry out by the middle of Tuesday, when participants will be allowed to enter the event again. Until then, there's talk of orgies at Pyramid Lake, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal at least.

As many Twitter users have pointed out, parts of California are experiencing dire drought conditions. Meanwhile, Black Rock City's usually arid locale in neighboring Nevada is flooding. As we wait for more updates, here's how the Internet is responding to the festival's temporary cancellation:

it would be very chill if the Burners had to stay in Reno all week and pump all that tech money into the Reno economy instead of Burning Man

— Molly Lambert (@mollylambert) August 25, 2014

So glad to not be in Reno during Burning Man this year. Won't miss the campers parked in front of my house. #1000reasons

— hippler (@hippler) August 25, 2014

California is in a massive drought then it pours rain at @burningman - touche world, touche.

— Kyle (@SpicyTunaTroll) August 25, 2014

UPDATE: It's back on.

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