Why This 'Burner' Thinks Burning Man Is Less Fun For The Rich

The event fosters "generosity and support" that the wealthy might miss out on, he argues.

There's been much debate stirring over whether or not the decades-old Burning Man festival has become too costly, and therefore stratified, in recent years, but according to Daily Beast columnist and veteran "burner" Jay Michaelson, those splurging at the event are only doing themselves a disservice.

"I don't agree that rich people have the best time at Burning Man. I actually think they have the worst time," Michaelson told HuffPost Live in a Tuesday conversation about the festival's changing socio-economic landscape.

"I had an awesome time and I didn't spend a whole lot of money," Michaelson recounted. "I taught massage, I led a Shabbat service for the Jewish camp, I was a temple guardian, I performed my poetry at the center camp. I had an awesome time and all of those activities were free."

While he feels that Burning Man could being doing more to "increase accessibility" for the less wealthy, Michaelson sees plenty of ways for the cash-strapped to get in on the action.

"You can show up at Burning Man if you have a low-income ticket for a couple hundred bucks. You get a ride on the ride share, you bring your water," Michaelson listed. "There's a lot of generosity and support that's gonna take care of your other expenses and your other needs."

Watch more from HuffPost Live's conversation about Burning Man here.

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