Burning Man Live-Stream Lets You Look Upon A Dystopian Hellscape

You can spy on every one of your friends at Burning Man. Right here. Right now.

Didn’t make a trip to Burning Man, the festival of art (read: dust) that brings creative souls (rich kids) to the desert for a week of uninhibited (drug-fueled) revelry every year?

And, boy, is that live-stream dystopic-looking.

Ever wonder what a West Coast post-apocalyptic world might look like? Wonder no further. I can tell you three things: There will be bicycles. There will be effigies. And there will be bicycles.


If you’re unfamiliar with the ritual retreat to the Playa, aka Black Rock City, aka an otherwise undesirable plot of arid land in the middle of Nevada, that’s fine. You probably don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw around for a glorified camping trip.*

But you might still want to spy on the frippery, especially if your considerably wealthier friends are there partying in tutus as you read ... from your office ... tutu-less. Just check out the YouTube feed above.


And happy camping to all the Burners who are undoubtedly very thirsty right now.


Take solace in the fact that, at night, it just looks like you’re in Cleveland, Ohio:


*Burning Man was founded on some admirable ideals: a belief in the power of a sharing economy, the infinite majesty of radical self-reliance, and the overall rejection of commercial culture. Today, there are luxury helicopters that fly Silicone Valley big shots into the desert to hang out with mostly white people. So.

You can check out the art on view this year here. And read a rebuttal to all those “Burning Man has jumped the shark” opinions here.

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