This Surreal Look At Burning Man Will Make You Long For The Mystical Desert

This Burning Man Video Offers A Surreal Window Into An Alien World

The many sights, sounds and feelings experienced at Burning Man can be too much for any one festivalgoer to process. The dusty, alien world is so surreal, in fact, it often cannot be described in words.

Fortunately, participant and photographer Ari Fararooy brought his camera to the event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to convey the experience through images.

"The whole week felt like a really trippy, lucid dream," says Fararooy in the video description. "I was so busy exploring and meeting people that I barely took my camera out (hence the minute long video)."

Though nothing could match the actual experience of being there, this video's slow movements over the artworks and costumed Burners, overlapped with the sounds of a didgeridoo, offer a small window into the unique pop-up city on the Playa.

Check out some of Fararooy's Instagram pictures from the event, below:

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