'The Temple' Reveals Burning Man's Solemn Side (VIDEO)

Outsiders to the Burning Man community may only know the arts festival as a giant party in the Nevada desert, but a newly released short film from last year’s event celebrates one of the things that makes the gathering so much more than that: the Temple.

Released Tuesday by Already Alive -- the studio founded by the film’s director, composer and cinematographer, Michael Marantz -- “The Temple” is an homage to the sacred structure that attendees fill with photos, messages, trinkets and thoughts as a symbol of closure. At the end of the week, the Temple is burned to the ground.

“Now that many in our society have moved beyond traditional religion, how do we move past tragedy? How do we mark the exciting events in our lives and how do we deal with life's inevitable trials?” the filmmakers ask. “Some people who face these questions find the answer in the most unlikely of places, Burning Man.”



Burning Man 2013