Burning Smell with Heat

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"Why do I have a burning smell when my heat comes on?"

It is because you have a heat pump. It has gone from March or April until now without running the heat strips and without running the heat.

What happens is dust builds up on those electric wires and once those are activated it burns it off. Therefore, you get that burning smell in the house. Usually it is nothing dangerous. Now if it was dangerous it would be too much for the wiring and trip the breaker and be a safety hazard.

If none of that is happening then it is probably just burning off the dust from not being used. When we come out to do a maintenance we activate the heat strips to get it out of the way so that first cold snap you won't have that problem. That is what that is so it is not a huge deal, it just smells like it is burning so you wonder if there is a fire and there isn't.

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Derek Cole

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