Hero Burrito Helps Police Officers Save Trapped Kitten

Amazing food. Amazing rescue.
Officer Jimenez with the rescued kitten.
Officer Jimenez with the rescued kitten.

Yet another reason to love Mexican food.

Two police officers and a burrito are receiving praise for their brave rescue of a kitten stuck in a drainage pipe.

Officers Jimenez and Corona of the Parlier Police Department in California used a piece of “partially eaten” burrito to lure the hungry animal from the pipes, the department said on Facebook.

The rescue effort on Monday also included some meowing by the officers, according to NBC-affiliate KCRA.

The department released a short video showing the cat in a bit of a predicament:

The kitten is safe and in the care of Parlier Animal Control, according to police.

Authorities also said that Officer Corona hopes to adopt the kitten and name the lucky feline — you guessed it — Burrito.

Officer Corona with the kitten.
Officer Corona with the kitten.


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