This CEO Is Paying For Employees To Go To The Women's March

America, Donna Carpenter is proof that all hope is not lost.

Friday is Donald Trump’s inauguration. It’s also the eve of the Women’s March ― a massive protest in D.C. dedicated to opposing Trump’s upcoming presidency.

The 53-year-old businesswoman offered her Vermont-based employees two nights in a hotel room and airfare (up to $250) if they too wanted to walk in the march with her.

“I knew there would be a lot of Burton women who were making the effort to get down to Washington. They’re that type of people,” she told Cosmo. “It’s a long way from Burlington to Washington, D.C. For me, it’s all about numbers. What they need are numbers to make a point.”

Carpenter says there will be about 25 Burton employees with her, ready to “make an adventure” out of the experience. 

On why she felt so impassioned to go to the march and bring others, Carpenter said that she and her husband had marched in protest in New York after the election.

“It makes you feel better, to realize that you do live in a country that cares about women’s rights and status. That people understand the connection between a strong economy and women’s ability to contribute to that economy.”

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You don’t have to be a boss like Carpenter to be a part of this movement. Other options include: 1) Donating to Planned Parenthood, the Committee to Protect Journalists or NARAL;  2) Donating to the march itself (or buying its merch); and 3) Considering a boycott of these Trump-affiliated companies.

If you want to get involved with the Women’s March or one of the many sister marches happening across the country, you can visit WomensMarch.com or check out this running list.



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