Bus Driver Fights Passenger Kyosha Moore, Who Allegedly Stole Her Wallet (VIDEO)

BUS-TED! This Bus Driver Attacks Passenger She Believes Stole Her Wallet

A bus driver in Columbus, Ohio, may get busted after brawling with a passenger accused of stealing her wallet.

The incident happened last week when the bus driver, whose name has not been released, stopped the bus and got off for a bathroom break during her normal route, according to RightThisMinute.

"She [told] the one woman on the bus, 'I'm going to run to the restroom,'" said RightThisMinute correspondent Gayle Bass. "That's when the bus driver says the woman reached in and grabbed the wallet."

Surveillance video obtained by WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio, shows a woman with a baby stroller, later identified as Kyosha Moore, reaching behind the driver's seat.

Another surveillance video taken at a Kroger grocery store shows the bus driver walking in and confronting Moore. Then, the two get into a physical fight that leaves them rolling on the ground.

"Police said the wallet was found on the suspect," Bass said.

That's the good news for the bus driver. The bad news is that her methods of retrieval are getting her in hot water with officials at the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA).

COTA spokeswoman Beth Berkemer told WBNS-TV that she would not go into detail about what COTA thought happened on the bus, but did say that the driver was under investigation.

"At this point in time, we're investigating all angles to see what happened," Berkemer said. "There is the possibility that our operator behaved in an unprofessional manner towards a customer, and that's not something we will accept, if that's how the situation occurred."

Meanwhile, Moore, who is currently being held in jail on bond, faces charges of felony theft and, according to local police, is also wanted outside of Hamilton County for violation of her parole on a forgery charge.

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