Missouri Bus Driver Fired For Telling Little Girl She's Gay And Will Burn In Hell

A little girl couldn't help but cry while recounting the story of a bus driver who told her she was gay and would burn in hell.

Maurissa Rushing, 11, was riding the bus to school in Kansas City, Missouri, when she was confronted by the driver, Fox4KC reports.

According to the fifth-grader, she was playing a game with her friend that involved touching each other's arms. This was apparently too intimate for the driver, who brought the girls to the back of the bus after dropping off other students. The driver then said the two girls were gay.

“She said that we are gonna burn in hell real bad," Maurissa told the station. "I didn’t expect it to happen."

The student reported what happened to administrators. The bus company, First Student, fired the driver, who has not been identified.

The girl's parents are now considering a lawsuit against the company, according to Raw Story. First Student officials said they are investigating the incident internally.

“She’s just been the most horrible bus driver I’ve ever had,” Maurissa said.