Bus Stop 'Dancing Queen' Earns Herself A New Job -- And Our Undying Admiration (VIDEO)

Remember The Bus Stop Dancing Queen? She Got A Job Offer!

She's a dancing queen, alright, and soon she'll be getting paid for it.

When passerby Jane Rowland secretly filmed Ellie Cole, a woman dancing at a bus stop, in April of this year, both women were shocked by how quickly the video became an Internet sensation. At the time, no one knew anything about the mystery dancer, save for her sweet moves, of course.

Five months later, the video has landed Cole a role in a play at The Point Theatre in her hometown of Eastleigh, England. Per the Telegraph, the 35-year-old studied performing arts in college before dropping out because she couldn't afford it.

"I'm just a normal everyday person who happens to like dancing at bus stops," she told the paper, adding, "Still to this day I find it hard to believe what happened with the video. ... It's like 'wow, why me?'"

For the record, Cole says she was listening to Alesha Dixon's "Knock Down" while dancing in the original video.

WATCH the original bus stop dancing queen video, above.

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