Busboy Productions Soldiers On, Without Karlin

2007-10-05-DemetriMartin.jpgNews came out yesterday that Comedy Central had picked up another "Daily Show"spinoff featuring "Trendspotting" hipster comic Demetri Martin. Martin will star in "Important Things With Demetri Martin" which is scheduled for the second half of 2008, exec produced by Jon Stewart and Martin.

This is the first project to emerge from Busboy without co-founder Ben Karlin's involvement. Karlin, who co-founded Busboy with Stewart, which most notably launched "The Colbert Report" in the fall of 2005, stepped down as EP of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" in December 2006. He stayed on as a consultant, however, and still had projects on the go with the company: A movie vehicle for Rob Corddry called "The Donor" (though it does not appear on Corddry's IMDb credits), and a baseball-themed sitcom pilot called "Three Strikes," which was sold to Comedy Central but not picked up for development.

But it appears that Karlin's association with Busboy has ended. This August, Karlin signed a production deal with HBO — a deal which the New York Times' Jacques Steinberg reported would "effectively end his association with Busboy Productions" (Variety's Stephen Zeitchik reported that Karlin said he wasn't severing ties but would be "a consultant at best"). Either way, his name is nowhere to be seen on the press release announcing the new project.

Fun fact about Demetri Martin and HBO which has nothing to do with Jon Stewart and Ben Karlin: Martin met New Zealand duo "Flight of the Conchords" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2003 and hosted them at one of his shows in 2004, and was a big promoter and supporter of their act. And now look at them! So it pays to be nice to people. Not entirely sure if that's in Chris Matthews' book.
(Hat tip and pic credit to FishbowlNY. Thanks guys!)