Bush Claims He "Got A B In Econ 101"

Bush Claims He "Got A B In Econ 101"

In a Thursday morning morning press conference at the White House, the President engaged in a little bit of grade inflation about his academic record.

"You need to talk to economists," he answered when asked if there was a risk of recession in the US economy. "I think I got a B in Econ 101. I got an A however in keeping taxes low, and being fiscally responsible with the people's money."

President Bush as an undergraduate at Yale did not in fact receive a grade of B in his economics course. Bush received a grade that would correspond with a C-.

A copy of Bush's Yale transcript posted at the humorous website GeorgeWBush.org states that the president received grades of 71 and 72 in Economics. The president took the course during successive semesters of his sophomore year, 1965-66.

President Bush, who earned a Bachelor's degree with a major in History at Yale, has long described himself as a 'C student.' He also has a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard.

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