Bush Cuts And Runs At Tora Bora, Helps Bin Laden Escapes, Now Blames America for Iraq

Scratch what a neocon says, and we often
find the exact opposite of the truth. They
dodge the draft or shirk their service, then
attack war heroes of the other party. They
dont give the troops enough armor, helmets
and bandages then say they always listen
to the commanders. They try to cut airport
screeners for liquid bombs, then tell us not
to drink the bottled water

The President takes the cake for his campaign
press conference yesterday, misuing the
Whtie House podium for a partisan politcal

First, lets get this straight: it was the President
who did the cut and run at Tora Bora and might as well have driven Bin
Laden's getaway car.

Imagine being Bin Laden and his henchmen
at Tora Bora, and we monitored some of his
calls at the time. Bombs bursting above their
heads, the United States military closing in
for the kill, the commanders and special forces
on the ground pleading for the cavalry to come
in with reinforcements to finish off the killer
of 9-11.

There was Bin Laden, about to enter Paradise,
apologizing to his henchmen for leading them
into a trap in what he thought were his final

And there was George W Bush, the cutter and
runner in chief, and his neoconservative brain
trust, saying no to the commanders, saying no
to the special forces, saying no reinforcements
and saying no killing Bin Laden.

Imagine this: as Bush refused to reinforce
and Bin Laden got away with his escape, Osama and his henchmen must have
giving each other high fives that his enemy
cutting and running, while Bush, Rove and
the neocons were giving each other high
fives that they would finally get the war in
Iraq they hungered for, just in time for the

So who cuts and who runs?

Meanwhile the President joins the blame
America first crowd, talking about the American
people having some kind of psyhological
trauma over Iraq, as though there is something
wrong with the American people.

Lets get this straight, too: the American people
simply know what failed policy looks like, and
they know a deadly bad deal when they hear

Here is the deadly bad deal the President
offered the people yesterday. Sure, more than
two thousand six hundred Americans have
been lost. Yes, Iraq is degenerating into major
sectarian war. Of course, much of our money
has been stolen or wasted. And no doubt,
major damage has been done to our global
military force structure that will take many
years to undo. But the President says we
gotta keep doing this until he leaves office,
and everybody should vote Republican in
November..... or the result of his terrible
failures, will be that terrible failures get more terrible.

When people react to this with disapproval,
he accuses the people of being psychologically

Kinda seems to me the people are pretty smart about this, and the
psychological trauma comes
from those who hungered, yearned, lobbied and campaigned for this war,
for more than a decade, and didn't have a clue about how to plan it and
fight it. The only thing they knew
how to do, was to demean the Chief of Staff
of the Army when he warned them, then use this war for electioneering

If you agree with the President that we need
two more years of what we've had, and that
anyone who disagrees has psychological
trauma, vote Republican. If you think we
need change and a better way, a Democratic
Congress is the perfect place to start.