Bush Demeans American Election

Today's radio address by George Bush included some of the most
demeaning, deceptive, dishonest and delusional words ever spoken by an
American President.

The President said that in the 2006 elections
the American people did not vote for Congress
to substitute its judgment for his.

What a bald faced lie and what a slander of
the very idea of American democracy.

The President made many misstatements in
his radio talking points today, but this one is
most noteworthy because it dramatizes every
reason that George Bush widely seen as
America's worst President in history by a
growing number of historians.

This is not an attack on Democrats, it is not
an attack on opponents, this is an attack on
the American voter, this is an attack on the
very idea of liberty, freedom and democracy.

This is an attack on truth.

This is why Bush's Iraq policy has failed; has
done extreme damage to the American military;
has made Bush a despised pariah around the
world, including and especially among the best
friends of America everywhere.

To claim that the 2006 election meant that
voters did not want change in Iraq policy
is such an enormous, shameless, demented,
and sick assertion that it qualifies as delusion
as evil, or evil as evil.

I've been in this business a long time, and evil
is a word I have never applied to any American
President, including Nixon.

But to show such contempt and dishonesty
about the American voters, in an American
election, goes beyond Orwellian deceit.

There is something incredibly poisonous, and
incredibly dangerous, about any President so:




The 2006 election was about a hunger and
yearning among a good and decent people,
for a dramatic change in a policy that is almost
universally reviled throughout the free world,
and has done catastrophic damage to our
country, our military, our troops, our credibility and our leadership
throughout the world.

The President did not insult Democrats today.

He insulted democracy, he insulted America.