Bush Does Impersonation of Alexander Haig's "I'm in Charge" Speech

Who can forget that wonderful moment in 1981 after Ronald Reagan was shot.

While Reagan lay in his hospital bed, Secretary of State Alexander Haig barged into a national news conference and made his infamous "I'm in charge" speech to a stunned nation.

Only he made a tiny, little mistake.

According the constitution, the Vice President (then George Bush the elder) was next in line as every schoolboy knows.

Haig was a bundle of insecurities and low self-esteem. "I'm being undermined by weenies, second-rate hambones," Haig complained to an associate.

Might W be feeling a little bit the same?

Haig's legendary gaffe became the defining moment of his long career. It was a delicious faux pas. Haig became the patron saint of those who believe they have the power, when it's obvious they don't. Alexander Haig was never heard of again.

If history is any guide, George Bush, the junior, might come to rue his current words "I'm the decider and I decide what's best."

It's so obvious that George Bush is not "the decider" in so many important decisions. It's pathetic and embarrassing that a sitting American President has to declare to the world that he is.