Bush to America: How You Doin'?

Did I see that right? Did our president really wink at the end of his press conference?

It couldn't be. He was discussing a massive failure by our intelligence agencies. Again. But he winked at someone on the way out. And gave a smile-smirk.

Jesus, he's the guy at the end of the bar that just bought you a Mai Tai.

I could learn a lot from Bush. I always feel bad when I screw-up. Once, when I had to tell my roommate I mistakenly erased a South Park from TiVo--you know, the one with "taco-flavored kisses for my Ben"--I sat him down with the regret and solemnity most people reserve for informing a man his mother was brutally set upon by escaped lab monkeys. (For the record, he said that losing the episode where a J.Lo hand puppet goes down on Ben Affleck would've been much, much worse. I had to agree.) I think Bush would have just changed the locks on the door and polished off the rest of my roommate's take-out.

His way is better. Nothing gets him down. Iran? Whatever. Iraq? Shit happens. Katrina? Don't know her.

Bush will outlive us all. I guarantee it.