Bush to US: Go Fuck Yourselves

Bush to US: Go Fuck Yourselves
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align="left">Do not come here looking for a dissection of the
president's "speech" on the hypergrift going down in Iraq, because I
didn't watch it. Why would I? Like the guy was ever going to say
anything worth a damn? Like he was ever going to offer some kind of
plan that could benefit anyone other than his pals in the href="http://www.halliburtonwatch.org" target="blank">disaster
capitalism game? Not that I couldn't dissect the hell out of it if
I wanted to, but a seasoned journo knows a lost cause when he sees it.
Parsing Bush's "speech" is for hacks with too much time on their
hands. For those who want an interpretation to sink their teeth into,
here it is: He doesn't give a fuck about you. Or you.

And who are you? Well, you tell me. Are you the type of American who
sees Bush's approval rating sliding into the 20s and says, "Hey, I
thought presidents were employees of the people and were charged with
executing the will of the people?" Wrong! They're charged with
executing things, all right, but just ex-biz partners who went rogue
and started fucking with the markets. Think of that the
next time you stare into Saddam's vacant eyes as he hangs dead and
broken. Better yet, grab a pal from the list of accomplices the U.S.
has going now and start your own office pool for the next to get the
"clear, hold and build" treatment. I'm calling Maliki and Musharraf,
soon enough.

I mean, did any of you notice that href="http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2007/01/08/saddam-iraq.html"
target="blank">Saddam's war-crime charges for killing 180,000 Kurds
were dropped the minute after he hung for href="http://www.morphizm.com/blog/2006/11/kill-150-get-executed-kill-thousands.html">killing
about 150? Not a coincidence. Did any of you notice that Bush's
woefully overreported Iraq Study Group was href="http://www.morphizm.com/blog/2006/12/isg-to-america-stay-half-course.html">stacked
with Bush family pals, a clear signal of the president's intention
to stay the course in Iraq? Did any of you notice that, a mere day
after he said he'd increase troops in Iraq by 20,000, that he already
has plans in place to actually add, href="http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/11/world/middleeast/11cnd-capital.html" target="blank">as the NY Times reports, "65,000 soldiers to the
Army and 27,000 to the Marine Corps, to bring the services to 547,000
and 202,000, respectively, over five years"? Are you there God? It's
me Scott, stunned as fuck.

Again, I would like to apologize for the cursing, but not really. What
does it take to wake everyone up around here? Who has to suck W.'s
cock to get him href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton_impeachment"
target="blank">impeached in this country? (Jonah Goldberg, pick up
the white phone.) Is that why Condi has such a huge gap in her teeth?
Does Osama bin Laden have to sneak into the White House and kill
Barney for the mainstream media and its robotic audiences to start
remembering who he is and what he did?

Let me make this clear, especially to all of you potential Ensign
Cannon Fodders out there about to enlist, or about to be drafted: The
blood and sacrifice of our troops, who Bush claims to support -- along
with the rest of the flag-waving liars that follow him, and his own
market machinations -- will be for nothing. Those you are claiming to
save will hate you even more, especially since around 50,000 Iraqi
innocents have already kicked the bucket in this economic takeover
disguised as a military campaign. You are being sent to die by a
president who won't even attend your funeral, and will never remember
your name. You are being used. All of you.

So the next time the president is about to give a speech, turn it off.
It doesn't have anything to do with you anyway, and if you ask Joe
Biden, neither does the Democratic takeover of Congress. While your
elected representatives sit and write long-winded backslappers about
all they will do in 100 hours, and the days after those hours come to
nothing, you're going off to the heated armpit of hell to die for
nothing. Enjoy the ride, and make sure to leave a clearly defined
will. The crumbs will be small and coveted here back home, as the
environment warms and the recession gears up.

Of course, you could not go. You could say no, and join the growing
chorus of those charged to die and kill who refuse to do so. And while
we're at it, those who like to crow about how they support the troops
could stuff some more productive research into their eyes before they
once again open their poorly informed mouths. They could stop giving a
fuck about Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump and that fat hag
Rosie. (As a husband to a Chinese-American woman, Rosie, read my lips:
"Go ching chong munch some ching chong carpet ching chong laced with
ching chong ching cyanide and ching chong die.")

Of course, we could all drop the bullshit and admit that this
president is off the charts, and needs to be reined in. His money for
the war should be dried up, and he should be impeached without further
notice. I told Nancy Pelosi's press secretary this months ago when
Feingold tried to censure Bush, and she told me -- off the record, of
course, because you can never talk to a politico about anything
relevant on the record -- that they didn't support the idea because
they wanted to win elections. The problem is, they think they did.
Well, you didn't, Democrats. Bush fumbled it, fumbled it so hard he
should start trying out for the pathetic Texas teams he loves to watch
when he should be working on saving those he has fucked royally under
the mentorship of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

So, memo to Pelosi, Reid, Biden and the rest of you Democrats who are
on seriously borrowed time: It's time to get serious about fighting
Bush, and fighting to win. Because that's the only thing those
assholes really respect. Actually, that's pretty much the only
universal thing Americans in general respect. To the victors, go the
spoils. Now shut up, stop writing empty blog posts, and go and DO
something. To the president, to the war, to the utter corruption you
are swimming in. Do anything to anyone, rather than keep screwing the
poor bastards who voted you into power hoping you'd fight for them
when you've done the opposite since 2000. If you remember correctly,
that was when Al Gore decided to go down in history as a really nice
guy who cared about an incoming environmental catastrophe so much that
he had to hand over a presidency he won to a career grifter with no
moral compass whatsoever. Without a fight.

Mark my words, everyone. Bush will never cave and he will never
change, because he's making himself and his friends record-breaking
stacks of cash. And there's only one way to beat that. Force him to
change. Hard, mean and fast. Or else you too will go down in history
as the "do-nothings" you came to replace. There is no other way. No
matter what anyone is selling you. There is simply no other way.

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