Bush Urges Americans to Stop Buying Gas Guzzlers!

In his speech on energy to the Renewable Fuels Association today, George Bush laid out his four-point plan to ease gas prices, and suggested that there are better cars for Americans to drive than gas guzzling SUVs.

Bush recommended that Americans start buying the "highly efficient hybrid or clean diesel vehicles."

He said that a good way "to confront high gasoline prices is to promote greater fuel efficiency. And the easiest way to promote fuel efficiency is to encourage drivers to purchase highly efficient hybrid or clean diesel vehicles."

"We want to encourage people to make wise choices when it comes to the automobiles they drive," continued the president. "When people are driving hybrids, they're conserving energy."

Great, so can someone please ask the President why he won't raise fuel economy standards for passenger cars? That would be the fastest way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Why isn't that part of his plan?