Bush vs Bush Photo-Caption Contest!- NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!!!

Nearly 300 entries and a lot of deep psychological insight into that fascinating Father and Son dynamic.
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Nearly 300 entries and a lot of deep psychological insight into that fascinating Father and Son dynamic.

We have slimmed down the 287 entries to what we consider to be the best 20 submissions.

Please look at the final entries - and cast your vote as a comment. Simply vote for the entry number you think the best.

The poll is open till midnight (Pacific Time) on Halloween - Tuesday night (October 31st)

Then the votes will be counted and the winner declared on Wednesday morning.

Remember - vote for just one entry. Submit the entry number (1-20) on a comment to this post.

Here's the photo again:

oldbushnewbush.jpg Photo: AP



41: "The plan is working perfectly, son... you're making me look like a GREAT STATESMAN."

43:"Do you love me now, Dad?"

41:"Let's take one step at a time, Junior... (CSpanned)


41:"Son, the best part of you ran down my leg." (alncarter)


41:"You really should have listened to that colored boy Powell." (ranette)


43:"Bless me, father, for I have sinned." (ronmac)


A chimp off the ol' block. (garrito) and (klanger)


41:"Son, we've decided to trade you in for Bill." (Thalia)


(George the elder thinking to himself about his son)

"The fucking I got for the fucking I got"(backatcha)


41:"Son, Barb and I are legally changing our names and Bill Clinton is moving into your old room..."(nowar)


43 - 41 = 2 - and we all know what number 2 is... (Maddog51)


A George divided against itself cannot stand! (BadgersBite)


Disorganized Crime... (BadgersBite)


Meet the Fuckers(contraegoiste)


41: "The seven years of the "Great Tribulation" are almost over, my son. Christ is coming to woop your ass...(karmafriend)


Wimpy & Chimpy! (AnnArky)


Skull and Bones...(Athenawise)


41:"Son, you're making the same mistake in Iraq that I made with your mother. I didn't pull out in time..." (gjmandinka)


Dumb and Dumberer(keysersoze58)


41:"Son, did you ever read what I wrote about Iraq in my book?"

43:"You wrote a book?" (brantl)


The Nut didn't fall far from the tree! (boyce9731)


41: "I told you over and over that drugs and alcohol would destroy your brain." (MrMikeP)

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