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Bush-Foley Photo-Caption Contest - NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!!!

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It's simple. Read the preamble below - then look at the final entries - and cast your vote!

Just post your vote as a comment. Simply vote for the Entry number you think the best.

The poll is open till midnight (Pacific Time) on Monday night (October 9th)

Then the votes will be counted and the winner declared on Tuesday morning.

The count will be conducted by an impeccable electronic voting company recommended to us by a Mr Rove...

No purchase necessary.
Void where prohibited.
Dishwasher & microwave safe.

Reviewing the contest

Well what a contest! It was only by some idle late-night surfing that I came across the above photo. It was late last Sunday night that I read an account of Foley having visited the White House in July. And it sent me sleuthing into the White House online archives looking for further info. And Bingo! There was the money-shot...

Initially I used it just to illustrate a post in which I discussed the July event and Dan Bartlett's dismissive attitude towards the Foley scandal.

But I discovered the power of the picture very rapidly. A couple of comments were offered by HuffPo readers that were funny captions for the photo. And then the lightbulb went off. Re-post it as a photo-caption contest - and tap into the wit and wisdom (and wit) of the talented HuffPo readers!

Well I'm not sure what the cyber equivalent of the expression "the phones lit up" is - but that's what happened.

Check out the original post and you will discover that there have been SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE entries!!! And all of those were posted in just a 30-hour period. The HuffPo editorial team tell me that that response rate is excellent.

Moreover - the quality of the entries has been exceptional. A veritable plethora of witty lines, smart zingers and scatalogical mayhem!

One poster (noapologyforcaring) - who didn't submit an entry - summed it up enthusiastically:

"this is the funniest blog ever!!"

A few people came up with the same or similar suggestions. At first I wondered if there was some "sampling" going on. But then I realized that the sheer number of entries meant that there was a lag-time that developed between people submitting entries and them being approved for posting. So it was a question of Great Minds Thinking Alike. Plus there are officially only 17 sexual puns that can be extracted from the word "page". It's a very small vernacular...

Now, unlike our esteemed President - I do not consider myself the "Decider-In-Chief" I'm just one of the many Deciders.

You dear readers are the main Deciders.

So what we have done is this.

We have whittled down the 673 entries to what we consider to be the best 30 submissions. And it wasn't easy. So please don't complain if your witty entry didn't make the Final 30. I can personally assure you that your narrowly-excluded entry was: a) #31 on the list. And b) excluded by someone else. (I really loved it and fought valiantly for it...)

The following 30 finalists are listed here in purely chronological order. Numbered from 01 to 30. There is no implicit or explicit import to the sequence in which they appear.

Under each submission is the name of the person who submitted it. (Where more than one person had the same idea - the names of all who suggested it are listed.)

Now it's your turn.


(Remember - vote for just one entry. Submit the entry number (01-30) on a comment to this post.)

And Frist is the pickle in the sandwich...

Looks like an episode of America's Most Wanted!

A Trifecta of Hypocrisy!

Bush: "Ok boys! Whip 'em out! Texas circle jerk!"

"Mr.and Mrs. Walsh, I'd like to introduce to you next season's cast of "America's Most Wanted".

A collection of assholes - and a guy who likes assholes....

While most of the assembled party were happy to see the new Child Protection Act passed, Congressman Foley was troubled by the potential impact on his social life...

Two guys that act like dicks, and one that likes to measure them...

A Wanker, a canker and an underage Spanker.

The Aristocrats!
(jkel) and (shbish) and (Steverino)

RUN Barney Run!

Bush: "And Rep. Foley's back there making sure no little boys are falling asleep during my speech. Heh Heh..."

No Child's Behind Left Alone.

From left to right: a boozer, a loser, and a cruiser.
(LaurenceKlavan) and (goldman)

White House Press Release: "George W. Bush has neither met nor had any dealings with Mark Foley."

"And now, by the diligent work and care of this administration, the safety of our youth is now in the most capable hands possible!"

America's Most Wanted

President Bush: "Sex offenders are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our children, and neither do we."

"All the President's Men II" In theaters (and on voting ballots) this November...

Bush: "Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, don't you worry about a thing.
The children of America are in good hands. Heh, heh!!!!"


In an attempt to "straighten" out Congressman Foley, the President performs an intervention marriage at the White House.

"Folier than Thou"

"Is that your Blackberry IM'ing you or are you just happy to see me?"

Let us prey!

"America's Most Haunted"

"Nyuchk, nyuck, nyuck!"

Above Bush's head: LIAR
Above Santorum's head: LIAR
Above Foley's head: PANTS ON FIRE!


John Walsh,,,,,, YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED!!!!

It's time to play the music
It's time to light the lights
It's time to meet the Muppets
On the Muppet Show tonight


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