Bush's Farewell Address

I've received another glimpse into the possible future, this time it's Bush's farewell address:

My fellow Americans, tonight I come to you with a heavy heart. For these last eight years I've served faithfully and honorably as your President. But, tonight, this will be the last time I address you. Together, we've made the world a safer place for our children and our children's children, but it has not been enough. I've chosen this time to speak to you about a very grave threat, and that grave threat is the terrorist state of Iran. As part of the Axis of Evil, Iran is responsible for arming Al-Qaida in Iraq and across the globe and has been a consistent state sponsor of terror. Last night, we learned, without doubt, that Iran has nuclear missile capabilities and other weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, as the decider, I have decided that this is not a threat America can stand.

Tomorrow, my replacement from the Democrat party will be sworn into office, and they will have to face the very real threat of war with the Islamic Terror state of Iran.

For the past two years the Democrat party has worked hard to undermine the war effort and they have consistently proven that they are incapable of comprehending the threat to American life and soil by constantly offering proposals for cutting and running. Because of this, I've been forced to act decisively to deal with this matter in a swift and decisive manner as my last official act as president.

For the sake of our country, of our way of life, I've ordered air raids deep inside the Iran. We're targeting hundreds of targets in the capital, Tehran, and various infrastructure targets we believe to be connected to their nuclear capability. They're already on their way in and they can't be brought back. My suggestion to my replacement is to get in there and finish the job. Otherwise, we'll be totally destroyed by the nuclear retaliation of Iran and other terrorist regimes and rogue threats. I've given you the best kind of start, 14,000 missiles worth.

So, let's get going, there's no other choice.

God willing, we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear, and in true health through the purity and essence of our own natural fluids.

God bless America.

(Bryan Young blogs daily at This Divided State.)

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