Business Demand for Cloud-based Solutions Continues to Grow

There is no doubt that over the past few years technology has come a long way, revolutionising life for both individuals and businesses. In an increasingly digital age, both consumers and businesses have changed the way in which they operate, using technological advancements in order to increase convenience and ease as well as to cut the cost of communication and various other processes.

For businesses in the UK, USA, and many other countries, advancements in cloud-based services have made a huge different to the way in which they operate and the cost of their operations. The ability to streamline services, save time, improve customer experiences, and cut costs has helped to drive demand for cloud-based services over recent years, which in turn has seen an increase in the availability of these services. More and more businesses are also turning to remote working, with the increased availability of devices such as smartphones and internet tablets making it easier for companies and employees to continue working while on the move. Cloud-based solutions have helped to make this transition far easier for businesses, aiding more efficient time management and increased flexibility.

This rising interest in cloud-based solutions from businesses means that specialist service providers such as Echopass have seen demand for services rocket. This award winning company is a specialist provider of cloud-based contact centers, and with businesses realizing that these types of solutions are the way forward the company has experienced a surge in demand for its services.

It is not just providers such as Echopass that have experienced expansion as a result of rising demand for cloud-based solutions. The market for cloud equipment is also being fueled by this demand, with the USA based Global Industry Analysts Inc. recently releasing a report on global cloud equipment markets. According to the GIA, the global market for this type of equipment could reach over $79 billion within just five years as cloud-based services and solutions become the norm for businesses of all sizes.

The report released by GIA was the "Cloud Equipment: A Global Strategic Business Report", which focuses on the provision of a comprehensive review into market trends around the globe. Analysis was based on a number of factors including deployment of various cloud-based solutions by businesses on a global basis.

According to the report, demand for cloud-based services is experiencing huge growth all around the world. Many businesses have turned to these services because of the increased convenience and ease that they offer coupled with the opportunity to cut IT and related costs over the long term. For other businesses, the decision to move to increasingly cloud-based services and solutions is all about improving accessibility, working towards increased customer satisfaction, and improving operational efficiency. Improved applications, increased capabilities, and more efficient revenue generation are amongst the other benefits that businesses have been able to enjoy through the ongoing use of cloud-based services.