Business Expert Videos Delta 1063 Mid Air Bird Strike (VIDEO)

What you don't see in the video is the plane literally starts feeling like it is coming apart and is violently thrown up and down.
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Thursday I was on Delta Flight 1063 taking off from JFK a few minutes after 3 p.m. I was seated in seat 1D as we approached take off. I had just signed a copy of my book, The 10X Rule, for CNN correspondent Ali Velshi who was also on the flight.

For some strange reason, unbeknownst to me, I picked up my iPad and started recording the take off for my daughter. I have been on thousands of flights and have only done this a couple of times. For some reason I thought it was important to record it today.

The video is only 16 seconds long and you will notice just before it ends a flock of black birds go across the screen and then disappear. Listen closely and you can hear them being devoured by the massive right engine of the Boeing 757 traveling at 300+ mph, 1,200 feet above JFK, surrounded by Jamaica Bay.

What you don't see in the video is the plane literally starts feeling like it is coming apart and is violently thrown up and down. You also don't hear what it sounds like in the cabin. I thought we were going to roll over and crash and knew if we were high enough that it would be horrific. Terrified, I dropped the iPad and starting texting my wife that Flight 1063 was in trouble and I wanted her to know I loved her and the girls, but was unable to pick up a signal.

Seconds later I could smell something burning through the cabin, at which point I started videoing the right engine because I thought it was going to burst out in flames.

I have flown for 25 years internationally as a business consultant and accumulated over 3 million miles. This was the most terrifying flight I have ever been on. Check out the ACTUAL video of Delta flight 1063 take off at my YouTube channel.

The crew of the flight were amazing. The passengers also remained calm and no one freaked out. When something like this happens, I think that everyone has those moments to introspect rather than express themselves out loud. I know I was having all the important things pass across my mind thinking, "What if this goes down?"

For a brief moment I wasn't thinking about the economy, politics, business. I was only thinking about my beautiful wife and two children. When reality set in I realized I need to raise my prices cause when you get on a plane, you just never know.

Thanks to lots of training and preparation, the pilots of Delta Flight 1063 calmly brought the plane back to JFK for an emergency landing that is also recorded.

You can find more video at my Facebook page.

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