Business Freedom: What Does It Mean?


It's Monday... again.

How does that make you feel?

I remember years where Monday would roll around and I'd feel like "well, I should get out of bed and I should get to work. I should serve my clients to the best of my ability, I should get through the day, and then I should really get to yoga."

All of these things that we "should" be doing all of the time -- and yet, how many of us can say that these "should's" truly make us happy?

I think that should is what keeps us stuck.

Whenever we do something simply because that's what we should be doing, we aren't living in alignment with our spirit. We are living outside of purpose -- in fact, we're living merely from the subconscious and mostly on auto-pilot. What fun is that?

Whenever we do something because it aligns with our purpose, our passion, and our core values -- that's where happiness comes from. According to "The Science of Happiness," "Happiness" can be defined as a general assessment that one's life is good and worth living. It includes having a deeper meaning and purpose in life. (FYI: Science measures this through what they call the "Satisfaction With Life Scale" -- it's a great tool at my disposal for clients trying to figure out where their life may be a tad off from what they dreamed it would be.)

In your business, are you living from your should or are you living through your purpose? Learn more about the definition of business freedom and living through your purpose in this video:

Be strongly rooted in your purpose. For that is where happiness begins.

I am here to help successful woman professionals and entrepreneurs to find their roots and stand out in a forest of other trees. If you want help clarifying your true purpose, or if you're having great success with it, then let us know in the comments below. Always remember -- vulnerability is the pathway to growth.