Balthazar Won't Fire Bathroom Attendants After All! (UPDATE)

UPDATE: First We Feast reports that Balthazar's Keith McNally has decided against firing its bathroom attendants, although it now will employ them in a different capacity. McNally informed the site in an amazing email you should all read now.

Earlier: Since getting banned from Wall Street roughly a decade ago, Henry Blodget has carved out a nice little niche for himself as CEO and editor of Business Insider, the popular business news website.

He's also shown a propensity for pounding out occasional attention-grabbing screeds, including "There Was Only One Lousy Thing About My Lufthansa Business Class Flight To Dusseldorf," and "Why Do People Hate Jews?"

We don't think we need to explain why the pieces tend to raise eyebrows. His latest, entitled "Now Let's Discuss The Awful Restaurant Practice Of Having Bathroom Attendants Who Watch You Pee...," seems it just may have gotten people canned.

Blodget published the 800-word rant on Thursday. In it, he expressed how annoyed he was that the New York restaurant Balthazar still had bathroom attendants working in their restrooms. Blodget detailed the awkward experience of having some "poor fellow" "stand there, three feet away from me, and watch me pee" and urged Balthazar and restaurateurs everywhere to eliminate the position entirely.

In response to Blodget's piece, Balthazar's proprietor Keith McNally did just that, according to FirstWeFeast, a food blog.

“Unfortunately, I completely agree with it and will, in the next few weeks, relieve the restaurant’s bathroom attendants of their duties," McNally wrote in an email.

But Mr. Henry Blodget is not one to sit by and watch silently! To Twitter we go:

Apparently, when Blodget wrote that Balthazar should "eliminate" the bathroom attendants' jobs, he really meant that it should turn them all into waiters:

And for some strange reason thought creating jobs at his own publication would somehow make up for the jobs lost at Balthazar:

But then decided instead he would do more than that:

Hours later, Blodget is still defending the fact that he wasn't trying to get anyone fired with his blog post:

Well, what do you think?



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