Business Success With an Attitude of Gratitude

There's one thing employers everywhere overlook, especially during the holiday season. That one thing is gratitude. Gratitude can help any workplace function more smoothly.

An attitude of gratitude can be a huge asset for any company because:
  • Grateful employees have more opportunities for success
  • People feel happier and more fulfilled when they express gratitude
  • Gratitude helps foster positive relationships, an essential part of any workplace


If all of this is true, why does a recent study show that 60% of Americans report either never expressing gratitude at work, or only expressing gratitude maybe once every year?

I believe many employees need some extra encouragement and guidance when it comes to practicing gratitude in the office. This is especially true in the season of giving and gratitude ahead of the holidays.

Shifting to a corporate focus on gratitude and giving doesn't have to be a difficult process. There are a few small steps that can help you get started.

Create a Culture
A culture of gratitude means that the attitude is natural and accepted throughout the workplace. This type of culture starts from the top--corporate management. It encompasses even the smallest acts of thankfulness in all business functions. The small acts from a management level open doors for gratitude to become the norm throughout the office.

Thank Everyone
Some employees simply work thankless jobs. These are the people who aren't necessarily the face of what's happening in the company. They do work behind the scenes. To be honest, your company can't function without these people. With that in mind, consider the fact that they're also the least likely to be publicly appreciated.

To really incorporate gratitude into your workplace, seek these people out. Don't forget to still thank those who work the publicly appreciated jobs, but go out of your way to thank the others. Make sure your workforce knows just how important every employee is.

Be Intentional
Many people feel gratitude or appreciation towards others without expressing or acting on it. Try to avoid that lack of action. Make time to thank others, and create opportunities for your employees and coworkers to do the same. Ultimately, gratitude is meant to be shared.

Gratitude can really be a driving force behind success in business. It can create more opportunities, happier and fulfilled employees, and positive relationships. Take advantage of these benefits by developing a culture of gratitude, thanking everyone in your workforce, and being intentional about your expression of gratitude at work.

How do you express gratitude throughout your workday?