Businessweek's Abercrombie Cover Is Really... Something

This week's Businessweek cover is really something.

abercrombie cover

The cover goes along with the magazine's latest feature, "The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch," which chronicles the rise and fall of the teen retailer. The image, featuring an elderly man suggestively tugging on the waistline of a pair of unbuttoned jeans, is a play on Abercrombie's provocative ads that often feature topless men and scantily clad women.

Like many other teen retailers, Abercrombie has been struggling in recent years. Mike Jeffries, the company's controversial CEO who once said the brand was "exclusionary" and that it only marketed to "cool kids," announced he was stepping down in December.

A representative from Abercrombie declined to comment on the magazine cover.